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Mr NC Triangle Leather is proud to introduce our judges and Staff


Mark Branson (any pronouns) has been active in the Baltimore & Mid-Atlantic Leather communities for 7 years, serving as treasurer of COMMAND MC and an associate of ONYX-Mid-Atlantic and La Fraternitié du Loup Garou. He helps to organize Maryland Leather Weekend and COMMAND MC’s popular PigSty parties, and is a regular participant in many charity events across the DC-Baltimore area, including Ride for the Feast, Twelve Days, and Scarlet’s Bake Sale. As a member of Gay Naturists International (GNI), they work to create bridges between the naturist community and the leather community, helping to make more kinky naturists and more naked leatherfolx. His goal is to combine the body positivity of the gay naturist movement with the sex-positivity of the leather community, and help to free everyone from the negative emotions which hold them back from being their best selves. They flag dark blue, light blue, beige, grey, magenta, and electrical tape on both sides, and mustard & red on the left. When he’s not in leather, naked, or naked in leather (and even sometimes when he is), Mark works as a mathematics professor and teaches yoga.


Jason Ranschau: 

Jason was Mr. Iowa Leather 2019 and spent his year spreading smiles, positivity, beards and booty helping people to feel invited and included. He had the honor of competing for International Mr. Leather in 2019, and has since spent his time providing a helping hand to his IML brothers and continuing to learn, listen, and spreading kindness.




David is the Vice President of the National Leather Association and placed fifth at International Mister Leather 44. David’s work in the leather community includes being the founder of the Atlanta Leather Social producing a black submissive roundtable and suicide prevenon classes at the Atlanta Eagle. He has lobbied on Georgia state capital for LGBTQIA+ rights, worked with queer Atlanta policians, CDC and Emory fighng HIV and has received the highest state civilian award and changed Georgia health policy. David interests comprise of parcipang various forms of photography, video games, working out and supporng leather people. He also loves going to new restaurants and traveling around the country and site seeing. On a fesh note, he like a good ol' fashion bu spanking. 


Pup Indigo currently lives in Western Maryland and was Mid-Atlantic Drummerboy 2016 (a fetish and kink title). He has been a member of the leather and kink community since 2013 and involved in puppy play since 2014. He has volunteered at CLAW, IML, DC Eagle Leather auctions and ran multi-activity Puppy Games during Mid-Atlantic Puppy and Handler 2017. During MAL 2016 weekend, he was even featured on the cover of Metro Weekly to promote their cover story on puppy play.


Pup Indigo believes that the leather and fetish community creates a space where everyone should feel free to express their sexy selves. Because Pup Indigo is a teacher and scientist outside of the community, he believes education and understanding can help reduce fear and ignorance. As a result, he actively volunteers for outreach and education opportunities to enrich people within and outside the community.


John Fox - Judge 

Originally from Fowler MI and served in the United States Navy. He discovered his love for leather at the age of 25 and has never looked back in the past 30 years. He considers himself as a traditional leather man that is evolving with the times. He is an active member of the Knight Hawks of Virginia, currently serving on the board as Member at Large, and held the position of Pledge Master in the past. The Knight Hawks of Virginia celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2018. John currently lives in Norfolk Virginia with his husband of 23 years.

Brad pic.JPG

Sir Brad Violand our Emcee has been a member of the Leather community for over 10 years. He was honored to serve his local community of Raleigh, NC as the inaugural holder of the Mr. NC Triangle Leather title in 2018. Sir Brad competed at Mid-Atlantic Leather 2019, coming in first runner-up. He was also a member of the 41st International Mr. Leather Class in 2019. Now serving his fourth term as President of the Red Lions Leather Club, he has been a strong proponent of growing the Leather community in Raleigh and the state of North Carolina through community service, mentorship, and of course having fun! For his work in this area he was named the 2018 Southeast Community Leatherman. He believes everyone has a fetish – some just haven’t discovered it yet! Sir Brad resides just outside of Raleigh with his husband Pup Lucky (Nick) . 


Michael Christopher (He/Him) is current president of the Red Lions of Raleigh and a member of the Titans of the Midwest. He is a sub leaning switch with a long kink list to boot. Michael is Mr. North Carolina Triangle Leather 2019/2020 and placed top 10 in IML 44. He has been involved in multiple fundraisers supporting the Wrenn House (Raleigh, NC), LA&M, and individual support of folks in the local leather community in need. His goal is to bring easily accessible kink and leather education events to the Southeast

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